Angel McCoughtry took to social media to offer fans a first look at the WNBA’s social justice jerseys bearing Breonna Taylor‘s name.

Breonna was killed by three plain-clothes Louisville, Kentucky police officers who served a no-knock warrant on her home.

Not only did they have the wrong home, but the suspect they were looking for was already in custody.

None of the officers have been charged in her death. She was 26-years-young.

In a post on her Instagram page, the Las Vegas Aces forward who pushed for the social justice jerseys wrote:

God is so Amazing??!! We have yet to scratch the surface into making a better America!

People have asked, what is putting the names on a jersey gonna do? Well we plant seed for a better tomorrow. Yes, it takes time to grow but in due time amazing things will bloom.

People doubted Muhammad ALi when he didn’t want to fight in the Vietnam war. He planted the seed in what he believed in and in due time he got everything back plus he changed the views of our system. Change is coming, justice is coming, A better America is coming ! ✊?✊?✊? long live America ??

See the original post below:

Other WNBA jerseys will honor Sandra Bland and Vanessa Guillen.

I love it! Angel McCoughtry, you are appreciated.