Willie Taylor and his wife, Shanda Denyce, are celebrating 13 years of love and marriage today (December 29).

The Day 26 singer took to social media with a very real and heartfelt message for his queen on their special day:

Real Love Story’s Never Have Endings. Happy Anniversary Baby @imshandadenyce 13 Years Married Today 12/29 ? there is no such thing as a perfect marriage…… just 2 imperfect people that refuse to give up on each other……..

Thank You For Never giving up on US. Millions didn’t make it but I Thank God that we did!!!! The Marathon Continues #Marriage#MarriageGoals #HappyWifeHappyLife

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Shanda Denyce also took to social media with a special anniversary message of her own:

Wow, knowing someone for over 16 years is on thing but being MARRIED for 13 whole years is another. We were babiessss and Made babies!!! If I could go back 13 years ago I would sayyyy woooow ur an idiot for doing this ?? but today I would also say it’s was worth it.

Growing with a young boy into a man. The stages are wildddd! It taught me so much. We’ve both made some mistakes I mean we kinda had no choice to do it while with one another seeing that we were so young. Lol I wouldn’t change the process for a thing. Women, honestly it takes a man until he’s a bout 40 to be exactly what u want. Lol

Men, good luck! All jokes aside u are an amazing dad. Which I value the most. Now stop working my nerves at least for today ? love u Skwillie ! @willie_taylor my best friend forever. When we are 99 we will go a minute apart. And I’m first ?

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I’m happy to see Willie and Shanda fought to make their marriage work because there was a time when I wasn’t too sure they were going to make it.

Happiest Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor.