Will Smith is shedding 20 pounds and his public facade in his forthcoming YouTube series, “Best Shape of My Life.

You may recall the Hollywood A-lister made headlines in May when he unveiled his dad bod on social media and shared that he was in “the worst shape of his life.”

Since then, he’s been going hard in the paint to get in shape physically, but during the process, he was also getting mentally strong.

In the trailer for “Best Shape of My Life,” Will said:

When I started this show, I thought I was getting into the best shape of my life physically.

But, mentally…I was somewhere else and I ended up discovering a whole lot of hidden things about myself. 

There is a scene in the trailer where Will admits to his family that there was a point in his life where he considered suicide.

What you’ve come to understand as Will Smith, the alien-annihilating MC, the bigger-than-life movie star…is largely a construction, a carefully crafted and honed character designed to protect myself, to hide myself from the world, to hide the coward.

Watch the powerful and emotional trailer below. 

Best Shape of My Life” premieres on November 8 on YouTube.

I will be tuned in. How about you?