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Ja’Net DuBois was an extraordinarily talented woman and now we know it may have been in her DNA. 

The death certificate of the late “Good Times” star revealed she may be the daughter of the late jazz icon Cab Calloway.

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TMZ obtained a copy of the certificate that lists Ja’Net’s full name as Jeannette T. Calloway-DuBois.

Ja’Net’s daughter, Dr. Kesha B. Grupta-Fields, provided the information for the death certificate and says Gordon DuBois was her mother’s stepfather.

The Calloway estate says that ain’t it. 

In a statement to TMZ, the estate said:

While we have a great appreciation for Ja’Net DuBois’ long and successful career, the Calloway Estate has nothing to add to this single document that has numerous mistakes and no verification.

They also noted they would be open to a conversation with Kesha if she has receipts.

Either way, a great woman is gone and we all know family secrets exist. 

Rest in paradise, Ja’Net DuBois.

Source: TMZ