WHO DIFFERENT?! 2 Chainz is trending on social media over his enthusiasm at the Biden-Harris rally in Georgia on Monday.

Barack Obama was in town stomping for the Democratic ticket and 2 Chainz seized the opportunity to meet President Obama and encourage Georgia citizens to vote for someone “Different“.

He told attendees:

I think this next administration that I support, which is Biden Harris, they offer something different. I speak on being different, I speak on embracing being different. And without further ado, I’m different.

After his endorsement, the rapper began to perform his hit single, “I’m Different,” slightly remixed…

Watch a clip below:

2 Chainz also expressed what an honor it was to meet President Obama.

Mannnnnnnnnnn some of yal know how jelly I been over the years not meeting Obama , but that is now history and something to scratch off my bucket list.

See pictures from the event below:

Make sure your voice is heard and VOTE!

Source: Billboard