Zendaya stars in Squarespace’s “Sally’s Seashells” Big Game commercial, narrated by the rap legend, André 3000.

In the commercial, which is slated to air on Super Bowl Sunday, Zendaya portrays Sally, a business owner who aspires to expand her seashell business online.

Once Sally sets up a seashell store on Squarespace, her business takes off.

André 3000, from the legendary rap duo Outkast, pulls off the tongue-twisting narration perfectly.

Watch the “Sally’s Seashells” commercial below:

The commercial was directed by Edgar Wright, who also directed the movies Baby Driver and Last Night in Soho.

André 3k keeps a pretty low profile, these days, so it was shocking to see him in a commercial. I wonder if he’s a “Euphoria” fan.

Are you scooping or scrapping Zendaya’s “Sally’s Seashells” commercial?

Source: ET