This past July (19th) marked the 10th anniversary of the death of NBA baller Lorenzen Wright

On Friday, September 18, ABC 20/20 aired “Mystery In Memphis,” a documentary special chronicling the rise to NBA stardom and the brutal murder of the 35-year-old baller.

In July 2019, Sherra Wright, the ex-wife of NBA star Lorenzen Wright, appeared in Shelby County Criminal Court in Tennessee and pleaded guilty to planning his 2010 murder as part of a plea agreement.

Watch the full 20/20 “Mystery in Memphis” special below.

Part 1: Lorenzen Wright shoots to fame with basketball talent: Wright’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, loves basketball, and he was a hometown hero. After making it to the NBA, those who knew him said he’d give back to his family and the community.

Part 2: Lorenzen Wright’s loved ones grow suspicious of Sherra Robinson:  Wright’s mother said she was “very” concerned about their relationship. After having a child together, the couple married and expanded their family.

Part 3: Lorenzen vanishes during a trip back to hometown: A divorced Wright traveled back to Memphis, Tennessee, to visit his family. His friend Phil Dotson said he took Wright to his ex-wife’s home, and that he then disappeared and stopped answering calls.

Part 4: Lorenzen found dead on a desolate road:  Wright’s ex-wife told police he may have been involved with drug dealers who wanted to do him harm. Nine days after he vanished, Wright’s body was found. He had been shot five times.

Part 5: No significant leads in Lorenzen Wright’s murder for years: Although some of Wright’s loved ones suspected his ex-wife Sherra Wright Robinson was involved, she was not arrested. She penned a book, claiming the antagonist is based on Wright.

What a tragic story.

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