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Waka Flocka recently addressed his separation from his estranged wife Tammy Rivera after 8-years of marriage on the “It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper” podcast.

According to Waka, it’s all love between him and Tammy, they just grew apart.

He added that there is nothing that Tammy can do to make him hate her because she blessed him with the opportunity to be a father to her daughter, Charlie.

The biggest blessing I had in my life I could always say was Charlie.

I got the blessing to raise another human being, especially a young woman, at that.

And just see all the challenges that women go through, and just… that sh*t deep!

And that’s what actually made me feel like a role model, a hero… number one.

That’s when I was talking like, ‘Damn, I’m actually number one in somebody’s life.’

Like, that’s crazy!… Like, you know what I’m saying?

Like, that felt good… That felt good.

That felt better than hearing a million people on stage.

It made me appreciate the million people on stage.

It made me appreciate everything about my life, raising Charlie

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Tammy recently confirmed on her IG Live that she and Waka are not together, but they are in “good spaces.”

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Despite all the rumors and speculation, Waka Flocka appears to have a good perspective on the situation.

Source: TMZ