UPDATE: We have received a statement from the Waffle House stating the story and narrative surrounding the viral video of an employee holding a baby is inaccurate.

In other words…Tiffany Clark is [allegedly] scamming.

Read the statement below.

Original Story:

Waffle house worker Tiffany Clark went viral after a video surfaced of her holding a baby in the Waffle House kitchen, but after finding out her backstory, she has been praised for saving her niece.

The Backstory:

Tiffany was working the overnight shift at a South Carolina Waffle House this past weekend.

She received a call from her grandmother about her 4-month old niece Octavia, whose father recently passed, needing to be picked up immediately because her mother was about to be hospitalized for mental illness.

To keep her niece from going into the custody of the state, she was brought to Tiffany at the Waffle House an hour before her shift ended.

While at work, someone recorded Tiffany in the Waffle House kitchen with Octavia in her arms.

The video went viral and people began to place judgement on her without knowing the backstory.

Tiffany said the video is not as bad as it looks, and she was never cooking food with Octavia in her arms.

She said she was making plates for servers when she was holding Octavia, and she only had her behind the counter for the few seconds caught on video.

Tiffany re-posted the video to her TikTok yesterday with the hashtag #KNOW THE STORY BEFORE YOU RECORD.

Her comments were flooded with praise for her saving her niece Octavia from the system.

Scoop some comments below:

Tiffany’s boss suspended her for a week after the video went viral.

She said she hasn’t heard from her boss since Monday, but she expects to return to work at the end of her suspension.

As for Octavia, Tiffany plans to become her legal guardian while her mother gets help.

Shout out to Tiffany Clark for saving her niece.

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