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The Buckhead home of former NBA star Vince Carter was robbed of nearly $100,000 on Father’s Day as his family hid in a closet.

According to the police report, Carter’s wife, Sondi was at their home and in bed with their two sons around 11:50 p.m. when she heard a loud noise downstairs.

Sondi told police she grabbed her boys and they hid in a closet.

She called 911 and then texted the neighborhood patrol. 

Officers spotted a man running from the home when they arrived, but they could not catch up with him before he hopped in a getaway car and fled the scene.

Police recovered more than $16,000 in $100 bills spilled on the ground and a handgun were recovered.

Another handgun was found at the scene that is believed to have belonged to the burglar. 

The front window of the home was smashed and multiple rooms appeared to be ransacked or rummaged through.

Police have recovered at least one fingerprint from the scene. 

Unfortunately, this is the second break-in reported at the home of Vince Carter.

A police report was also filed on October 25, 2020.

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Thank God no one was hurt.