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Victoria Monét isn’t here for beef – especially between Black women.

The Grammy Award-winning artist revealed she fired a social media team member who liked a tweet related to the online feud between rappers GloRilla and JT.

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Victoria Monét Fires Member Of Her Social Media Team

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People are free to like whatever they want on social media, but the problem was the team member was logged into Victoria Monét’s account when she liked the tweet, which resulted in online backlash for the “On My Mama” singer.

Victoria, who is rehearsing for Coachella, went live on Instagram to clear the air.

She shared:

I got pulled out of rehearsal to be told that someone on my social media team did something that they weren’t supposed to do thinking that they were logged into their account.

I guess they were going back and forth between their account and my account and pressed some buttons that they shouldn’t have f— pressed.

Which is really irritating because I really have no problem with either of them [GloRilla and JT].

I’m sending so much love. I don’t f— with Black women beefing online.

I want everybody to love each other, hug each other, and support each other.

I’m your world peace b—.

I just wanted to say that I wish people knew that in my character but how would you know that it came from my account so you have every right to cuss me out not knowing that it wasn’t actually me.

But, I just had to make it clear. I would never do that. I love my Black women.

I support my Black woman. I only uplift them.

And the person who did it is fired.

Watch the video below as Victoria Monét explains the unfortunate incident.

Social Media Reacts

Victoria Monét is now trending on Twitter as people react and weigh in on her decision to fire a member of her social media team for unintentionally inserting her in a beef between GloRilla and JT.

Read a few tweets below.

Do you think Victoria Monét did the right thing by firing the member of her social media team who made a mistake or did she overreact?

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