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Well, it appears ViacomCBS may want that old thang back with Nick Cannon

More than a month after severing ties with him over anti-Semitic remarks he made during an episode of his “Cannon’s Class” podcast, ViacomCBS is impressed with his efforts to make amends with the Jewish community.

During a town hall with employees on Monday, Chris McCarthy, president of entertainment and youth brands at ViacomCBS said he his “hopeful” they will be able to rebuild their partnership. 

I struggle with the fact that Nick, a longtime partner and friend of ours, is on this journey and we’re not part of that journey. I am hopeful we find a way to bring these two things together and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do that with Nick again.

According to an inside source, Nick Cannon and Chris McCarthy have been talking in recent weeks, but there are no immediate plans to work together again. 

Nick was reportedly planning to sue ViacomCBS for $1.5 billion, the value of his hit series, “Wild N’ Out.” 

I wonder if the lawsuit inspired Mr. McCarthy’s effort for a reconciliation. 

I will keep you updated on this. 

Source: Variety

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