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Van Jones is getting dragged like Raggedy Andy in the streets of the internet after folks learned he (allegedly) secretly helped Trump craft his police reform order then publicly praised it.

According to a report from The Daily Beast, Vanny Van was slipping in and out of the White House for secret meetings with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, and Jessica Jackson, a California human rights attorney who runs #cut50, a prison reform group that Jones also founded.

Then, Van Jones got on TV and praised Trump’s order and said, “We are winning.”

He told Anderson Cooper:

What you got today is, I think, a sign that we are winning. Donald Trump has put himself on record saying we need to reform the police department … We are winning! Donald Trump had no plan a month ago to work on this issue at all. The fact that we are now in the direction of moving forward, I think, is good.

He never once disclosed he (allegedly) helped put the order together.

Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton called the police reform order, “toothless and meaningless.”

He also had this to say about ole Vanny Van:

Van’s experiment with Trump is a case of him having more faith than I have, but I’m not going to attack him for doing it … I think he’s well-intentioned, but I think he totally underestimates the kind of guy he’s dealing with. I just disagree that the people he’s dealing with have a sincere bone in their body. But I can’t fault him for trying.

Jeffrey Wright

Actor Jeffrey Wright called the BS earlier this month when he tweeted:

Smells like Van Jones helped Kushner craft this exec order, so he touts it. ‘You can’t polish this turd,’ he said of Trump’s delinquency, yet here he is with boot black & rag. As much as Fauci explains the science, Trump refuses to wear a mask. Progress comes when he is removed.

Peep the original tweet below:

Twitter Reacts

Van Jones Denies The Report

Van Jones took to Twitter with the following statement:

This @TheDailyBeast article is based on false, sensational charges — apparently designed to get clicks, shares, and likes. I haven’t even visited DC since before the pandemic started — let alone been inside the White House.

I have never been included in any meetings about police reform (not by phone, zoom, nada). I didn’t know what was in the EO until the day it was released.

When I meet with folks at The White House, I say so during relevant coverage on-air — as I did all through 2018, when I worked on criminal justice reform.

The accusation that I attended White House meetings on police reform but failed to disclose them is doubly false, and it should be corrected.

I will continue to openly work across the aisle to help those trapped in the justice system. We need more of that these days, not less.

Your thoughts?

Source: The Daily Beast