Usher Credits Diddy For Giving Him Focus, Hustle, & Tenacity Early In His Career

Usher recently appeared on the “Angie Martinez IRL Podcast,” and he credited Diddy for giving him hustle, tenacity, and focus early in his career.

Hustle – to be aggressive, especially in business or other financial dealings.

Tenacity – the quality of being tenacious, or of holding fast; persistence.

Focus – the ability to concentrate one’s attention or to sustain concentration.

Usher said it was around the time Puff and L.A. Reid were working on his self-titled first album “Usher” (1994) when he learned the three valuable traits from Puff.

Being in New York City with Biggie and Puff when he first started Bad Boy Records… 

And, kind of being in the midst of, you know, him working on my album with L.A. Reid, as he employed him to give me, whatever it was, swag, it kind of dimmed the light that was my own.

It gave me something, it gave me hustle, it gave me tenacity, it gave me… You know, that man gave me focus.

Cause ain’t nobody more focus and got more hustle than Puff.

Like, in order to understand how to get it, and also to motivate everybody around him to drive at their best.

‘If you ain’t running at 120% you ain’t f***ing me!

Get where I’m at, and then we’ll see what we talking about.

Otherwise, get what you can and I’ll see you later.

You’ll thank me later.’

Watch the video clip of the Usher interview on the “Angie Martinez IRL Podcast” below:

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