There have been 11 unprovoked attacks, all men, in the Waltham, Massachusetts community, and all victims have been hit upon their head top with a blunt object that often knocks them to the ground and requires medical attention.

The Boston suburb of Waltham is living in fear because the assailant has not been caught. The attacks started on Nov. 10 in the GardenCrest Apartment Complex, but they have spread downtown, 10 miles west of Boston.

“People are concerned, and a small group of people are genuinely scared,“ said City Councilor Sean Durkee. “I have always told people that there is no place in Waltham I would not let my mother walk at night — until last week. It’s not the sort of thing that happens here.”

Residents in the GardenCrest Apartment Complex have started changing their routines and being more cautious of their surroundings.

My God, we’re scared! All of us stay indoors except during the day. If someone is just walking to their car, we watch out for them.

All the victims have been on foot, ranging in age from 20 to mid 40s, and of various ethnic backgrounds.

All attacks have taken place at night by an assailant wearing either a mask or a hoodie.

One victim was walking a dog, one was getting into a car, and another was a mail carrier.

Some of the victims were hospitalized.

The police have provided updates on the case to the media.

They’re pretty serious injuries, including orbital facial fractures, fractured nose, lacerations to the face.

The motive is somewhat in question but it appears to be a thrill of the assault, or someone who’s very violent and enjoys seeing someone hurt by this.

There’s never been a robbery. It’s always been just an assault and the assailant takes off.

Emerson Antonio Aroche Paz was hit in the head twice around 10 p.m. Nov. 25

My nose broke. Part of my head is cracked. But my brain is fine.

The city has released surveillance video of a suspect, and they have issued a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

The police have upgraded patrols with uniformed and plainclothes officers, and they are using drones for aerial surveillance.

See the news report from CBS Boston below:

The woman in the video below claims the assailant is a “familiar face” in the community and “a lot of people know who he is”:

The news reporter in the video has more leads in the case than the police officers. I hope the police have got in touch with the woman in the video that knows who the assailant is.

Source: Associated Press