Brandee Evans, Jamie Chung, and Oliver Hudson join Hulu's 'Unprisoned' Season 2 (Photo Credit: DeWayne Rogers/Freddy Castro/Brent Weber)

The Alexander family is back, and things are still a wild ride in season 2 of “Unprisoned” on Hulu!

Premiering on Wednesday, July 17th, all eight episodes will be available to stream at once.

This hilarious series follows therapist Paige Alexander (played by Kerry Washington) as she navigates the complexities of her own family.

Her struggles include her troubled relationship with her recently released father Edwin (Delroy Lindo), her teenage son Finn’s anxiety, and the general chaos that seems to follow the Alexanders wherever they go.

Meet The New Family ‘Therapist

Realizing they need some serious help beyond Paige’s expertise, the Alexanders decide to bring in a “family radical healing coach.”

Buckle up because this unconventional approach promises to shake things up and hopefully break free of the family’s longstanding issues, hidden hurts, and those pesky family secrets!

New Cast Members Join Unprisoned’

Season 2 welcomes some exciting new faces to the cast, including:

  • Brandee Evans (“P-Valley“) as Ava, Mal’s new girlfriend who’s intelligent and confident, but might be underestimated.
  • Oliver Hudson (“The Cleaning Lady“) as Johnny, Finn’s biological dad. A laid-back musician living in LA with his wife, Johnny hasn’t exactly been the picture-perfect father, but he does care about Finn.
  • Jamie Chung (“Lovecraft Country“) as Kiki, Paige’s college bestie. Fast forward twenty years, and Kiki is married, polyamorous, and still the life of the party!

Familiar Faces Return

Of course, your favorite characters from season one will be back, including Marque Richardson as Mal, Faly Rakotohavana as Finn, Jordyn McIntosh as Little Paige, and Jee Young Han as Esti.

Brenda Strong will also reprise her role as the ever-present Nadine.

Don’t ‘Unprisoned’ Season 2

With a stellar cast, a fresh approach to family therapy, and plenty of laughs along the way, “Unprisoned” Season 2 promises to be a must-watch this summer.

Mark your calendars for July 17th and get ready to binge-watch all eight episodes on Hulu!

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