University of Georgia Freshman defensive lineman Warren Brinson is facing criminal charges for shooting two female students with a water bead gun filled with gel pellets.

According to police, Warren shot the two females from a moving vehicle. 

He hit one of the women in the ribs and the other in the chest.

Warren was arrested and charged with reckless conduct and simple battery.

He said he thought he was firing at some acquaintances that he knew.

Reportedly, the incident has become a disturbing trend stemming from social media, and several teenagers and young adults, from the metro Atlanta area, have been arrested in recent months.

The water bead guns are considered toys, but they can cause serious injury.

They can be loaded with water or gel pellets, but in some TikTok challenges, some teenagers have been freezing the pellets to make them harder and more dangerous.

The water bead pellets are similar to those of a BB gun.

Watch the CBS46 Atlanta news report below:

The University of Georgia football team just won their third championship in 2021, after 41 years.

Warren Brinson may miss out on the excitement of starting a new season as a defending champion.

All because of his bad decision-making.