U.S. Navy Engineer Jonathan Toebbe Admits To Spying Against His Country & Implicates His Wife In Espionage Plot

U.S. Navy Engineer Jonathan Toebbe confessed to espionage against his country and threw his wife Diana Toebbe under the bus in the process.

Bruh! You could’ve at least gave your wife a few days to get her affairs in order.

On Monday (February 14), Jonathan Toebbe told a federal judge, “I conspired with Diana Toebbe to transmit restricted data to a foreign nation in exchange for payment with the intent to injure the United States.”

Wow! He snitched on his wife on Valentine’s Day.

According to former FBI special agent Brad Garrett, Jonathan may have told the government of his wife’s involvement to get her a lesser sentence, but it could backfire on him depending on how involved in the espionage plot she was.

Jonathan and his wife Diana, who is a former school teacher, allegedly received $100k for classified information about the Virginia class of nuclear submarines, also known as the SSN-774 class, a class of nuclear-powered cruise missile fast-attack submarines, in service in the U.S. Navy.

The alleged plot involved secret drop-off locations, and Jonathan and Diana allegedly came up with creative ways to hide the classified information, including hiding it in a peanut butter sandwich and a chewing gum package.

Neighbors told abc news they were always suspicious of the couple.

We’d have, you know, holiday parties all of us in our driveways having bonfires, and they never came out, never joined in.

The FBI discovered the alleged plot and set up a sting after Jonathan sent a package of materials to an unidentified foreign country with instructions on how to establish a covert relationship to purchase restricted information.

Diana pled not guilty.

According to her attorney, the FBI has limited evidence of her having direct knowledge of the scheme.

Watch the GMA report below:

Jonathan Toebbe out here wylin for $100k… I would think his pay grade would be somewhere near that figure.

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