Shanquella Robinson

I am disheartened to report United States prosecutors will not bring charges in the federal investigation into the death of Shanquella Robinson

The 25-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina entrepreneur traveled to Cabo, Mexico with friends for a birthday celebration in October 2022 and was dead within 24 hours of her arrival.

Initially, Shanquella’s travel companions told her mother that she died of alcohol poisoning, but an autopsy report showed that she died from fatal trauma to her neck and spine.

The family of Shanquella Robinson has been fighting for months in an effort to have those responsible for her death held accountable.

In a statement released on Wednesday (April 12), the U.S. Attorney’s Office said that at the conclusion of an investigation conducted by the FBI, there was not enough evidence to support a federal prosecution. 

Read the full statement below. 

Federal officials with the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices in the Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina and the FBI met with the family of Ms. Shanquella Robinson and family representatives today to offer their condolences and present the findings of the federal investigation into the death of Ms. Robinson.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Ms. Robinson has been a priority for federal prosecutors and the FBI.

The FBI has worked diligently to conduct a detailed and thorough investigation of the evidence available in this case. In coordination with Ms. Robinson’s family, an autopsy was conducted in the United States by the Medical Examiner’s Office in Mecklenburg County.

As in every case under consideration for federal prosecution, the government must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a federal crime was committed.

Based on the results of the autopsy and after a careful deliberation and review of the investigative materials by both U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, federal prosecutors informed Ms. Robinson’s family today that the available evidence does not support a federal prosecution.

The death of Ms. Robinson has been incredibly difficult for her family and the community. As a matter of policy, federal officials generally do not issue public statements concerning the status of an investigation.

However, given the circumstances of Ms. Robinson’s death and the public concern surrounding this investigation, it is important to reassure the public that experienced federal agents and seasoned prosecutors extensively reviewed the available evidence and have concluded that federal charges cannot be pursued.

As in any case, the government is prepared to review and examine new information related to the investigation should it become available.

It’s unclear how this decision will impact the extradition request from Mexican authorities.

I cannot imagine what the family of Shanquella Robinson is going through after receiving this news. 

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to fight for justice for Shanquella. 

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  1. Did they watch the video, too my old eyes it look like a beat down not a fair fight! Prejudicial attitude about black women is always behind the death of young black women. This is tragedy but God got those that were involve they will never have peace.

  2. Hello
    My Name is Tarsha Geddie and I lost my son Joshua to hit and run driver in Washington DC his killer is still on the run due to the US Attorney is protecting him for another case he is involved in which has left me and my family devasted to say the least Josh was only 24. Since then another Angel Mom and myself have started a podcast to turn our pain into purpose by helping other Mother’s all around the world by allowing them to tell their stories and offer resources to them. We would love to be on your podcast to talk about our services.

  3. I just want to know if the FBI saw the same video that I saw. She was naked, not fighting back and asking why this was happening….. I just want to know what they saw.

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