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Tyson Beckford Speaks On Beef With Kim Kardashian & Kanye West (Video)

Tyson Beckford recently gave his perspective on the rumors of Kim Kardashian questioning his sexuality and him beefing with Kanye West.

On a recent episode of “Vlad TV”, Tyson revealed that he and Kim were romantically involved with each other, and he has no idea why she would insinuate that he is gay.

He used an analogy of high school kids coming up with a line that they know would hurt somebody even though they know it wasn’t true, and he implied that’s what he believe Kim resorted to.

The topic of conversation took him back to his Jamaican roots, and he proceeded to speak on his masculinity in his Jamaican accent.

Watch the video clip below:

Tyson also told a story about Kanye sending some of his guys to confront him over Kim Kardashian at Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary.

He said one of Kanye’s guys approached him in the restroom at the event, and he let the guy know that he’s about that life and they really don’t want any problems.

Watch the video below:

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