Malika Andrews has been announced as the host of the new ESPN show “NBA Today,” that will take over Rachel NicholsThe Jump,” and Twitter had all the jokes about the swift transition.

The writing was on the wall when ESPN chose to go with Malika Andrews to cover the 2021 NBA Finals, after Rachel Nichols’ got caught up in her leaked audio controversy.

For those that may be out of the loop, Nichols’ was let go from ESPN because leaked audio of her referring to her Black colleague Maria Taylor as a diversity hire went viral.

Rachel Nichols’ confirmed her and her show coming to an end at ESPN in a tweet she sent out nearly a month ago.

To add insult to injury, and to sprinkle a little petty sauce on the situation, ESPN is premiering Malika’s show “NBA Today” on October 18, Rachel Nichols’ birthday.

Scoop the Twitter reaction below:

Congratulations to Malika Andrews, you are smart, you are beautiful, you are blessed, and we know you are going to be great.

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