Future went on a Twitter rant about Jay-Z on Friday (December 17) that seemed to come out of nowhere, and surprisingly it started a Future vs. Jay-Z debate.

In one of his tweets, Future said he’s going to run up a B easy, but we’ve all heard about Jay-Z’s billionaire status a while ago.

In another tweet, he says everything he does is legendary, and I’m sure Future is aware of the multiple hits Jay-Z has.

Future also brought Ye into the conversation during his rant, as if he’s not aware that Jay-Z doesn’t need validation from any rapper to boost his credibility.

Clearly, I think Future had a moment of insecurity that spilled over to social media.

But, surprisingly some of the debaters agreed with Future.

Scoop some of the Future vs. Jay-Z tweets below:

I’m fully expecting Jay-Z to creatively put this bulletin board material, that future has tweeted to the world, in a slick bar to let Future know that he heard him.