Jack Harlow appeared to be shooting his shot at Saweetie on the red carpet at the BET Awards on Sunday, and Saweetie appeared to be flirting back, the brief interaction has Twitter playing hip hop matchmaker.

Jack approached Saweetie as she was preparing to do a red carpet interview with The Shade Room. He introduced himself as Jack, and Saweetie responded “I know” with a flirty smile. They exchanged a few more words that are not audible on the video, and then Saweetie asked him why he was shaking.

Watch the video below to hear Jack’s response:

The funniest part of the video to me is when Saweetie tells the interviewer, “Y’all better not be messy with this sh*t!”

Once the video hit the streets of Twitter, the Twitterverse weighed in. Scoop the tweets below:

Shout out to Jack Harlow for having the courage to shoot his shot at Saweetie, I think he gained some new fans from the video.

What are your thoughts on a Saweet’N Low hookup?