Jason Parham in 'Black Twitter: A People's History' (Courtesy of Disney, Hulu)

Black Twitter,Prentice Penny’s Hulu docuseries has the streets of Twitter buzzing. 

About ‘Black Twitter’

Drawing inspiration from Jason Parham‘s seminal WIRED article, “A People’s History of Black Twitter,” the 3-part docuseries explores the rise, movements, voices, and memes that have shaped Black Twitter into a powerhouse within American political and cultural spheres.

Featuring a stellar lineup of participants, including Amanda Seales, Kid Fury, Jemele Hill, Van Lathan, April Reign, Brad Jenkins, Kamu Bell, Luvvie Ajayi, Sam Jay, Rembert Browne, and more, the series promises to offer an intimate and insightful look into the community’s impact and influence.

Each episode dives into different aspects of Black Twitter’s evolution, from its grassroots beginnings to its role in shaping conversations around social justice, entertainment, and beyond. 

Through candid interviews and archival footage, viewers gain a deeper understanding of how this online community has become a vital force for change and representation.

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