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Former actor Orlando Brown is trending in the streets of Twitter as the public expresses concern for his mental health and well-being.

The troubled actor recently did an interview with Cam Capone News and it was pretty much more of what we’ve seen from Orlando as of late.

In the interview, said whatever came to his mind whether or not it made logical sense.

After sharing his thoughts on Chris Brown and the Michael Jackson comparisons, Orlando Brown alluded to Diddy performing a sexual act on him.

He looked into the camera and said, “Ay yo, Diddy…you gave me the oosh gosh muash!”

Orlando repeated himself multiple times just to drive his point home.

Watch the interview clip below.

This isn’t the first time Orlando has claimed to have some type of sexual encounter with another celebrity.

He has claimed to have had encounters with Raven-Symoné, Nick Cannon, and he recently said Bow Wow had some “B.A.P.”

Orlando’s behavior has sparked concern about his mental health, well-being, or if he’s using drugs.

One person tweeted, “The media are a part of the problem with mental illness & the black community. Orlando Brown VISIBLY is mentally ill. Has been deemed such & drug abuse documented. BUT ppl now book him for interviews to slander other folks & for kicks and giggles! When does it stop? #OrlandoBrown

Someone else tweeted, “I wish y’all would leave Orlando Brown alone. You keep inviting him to these “interviews” so he’ll say some wild shit and y’all laugh. He’s clearly not in a good state but he keeps being exploited. It’s “Black Men’s Mental Health ?” until u want to laugh”

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Over the years, we’ve watched Orlando Brown shine bright as a child in Major Payne, then as a teen in “That’s So Raven.”

But, as an adult, we’ve watched Orlando Brown spiral out out of control on “Dr. Phil” and we’ve seen him get arrested and go to rehab.

At one point, he had turned his life over to God and had appeared to be thriving.

It’s unclear what happened to Orlando Brown, but I ask you to say a prayer for him.

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