Dennis Schroder was offered a four-year $84 million contract from the Lakers, but he turned it down because he felt like he was worth more.

Unfortunately no other NBA team did.

The Lakers moved on and acquired the services of Mr. Triple Double, Russell Westbrook.

Eventually, the Celtics offered Dennis $5.9 million for one year.

In my opinion, Schroder is a very serviceable point guard and he was a good fit in Los Angeles.

I’m not sure if Schroder’s agent was telling him to hold out or if Schroder himself wanted to hold out.

$21 million a year would’ve been Schroder’s biggest NBA payday, but now he is reduced to a Twitter dragging.

Scoop the tweets below:

I’m sure Dennis Schroder and his agent have learned an expensive lesson from this fumble.

Moving forward I”m sure they will not be turning down any eight-figure offers.

Ironically, in Schroder’s last post game press conference, he said his return to the Lakers was not about money.

Watch the press conference below:

Obviously, it was about the money.

Your thoughts?