Wonder twins activate! Arianna and Arielle Williams are serving a double dose of Black Girl Magic and Black Excellence as the identical twins have been accepted to 37 colleges and offered a combined $1 million in scholarships.

The beautiful sisters, who are slated to graduate from the Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy in Milwaukee, are at the top of their class, with the two highest GPAs.

They are also the first members of their family to go to college.

The girls’ principal Judith Parker gushed:

Arianna and Arielle Williams have set a tremendous example as scholars and citizens for four years.

We couldn’t be more proud of their growth, choices, and their ability to persevere with joy in the face of obstacles.

They have traveled, organized community service projects, met Michelle Obama, and represented our school inside of our walls and throughout our city.

We are proud of them and the entire Class of 2020 and excited for the next chapter in their lives as they take this same drive to college.

The wonder twins are planning to attend Marquette University and enter their nursing program.

Congratulations to these young Queens!