A Black family is suing the Chicago police department after a botched raid left their family traumatized. 

According to the federal lawsuit filed Tuesday (August 3), police kicked in the door of the Winters family’s home on August 7, 2019, in search of an armed suspect, who was in a fight at a local gas station.

Upon entering the home (without a warrant), officers pointed their gun at Steven Winters

One officer knelt on Steven’s back with a gun pointed to his head.

Another officer entered the bedroom of Steven’s daughters, 4-year-old Reshyla Winters and 9-year-old, Sevayla Winters, who were sleeping in their beds.

The officer shined a flashlight and pointed a shotgun at the the girls. Reshyla and Sevayla were so frightened that cried and wet their beds.

A third officers entered the bedroom of the girls’ grandfather and startled him out of his sleep with a gun pointed at him.

Once the officers realized they made a terrible mistake, they tried to cover it up by lying in their reports stating they heard and saw the suspect they were chasing run into the apartment and out of the back door.

Their bodycams determined – that was a lie.

The lawsuit states:

They do not show anyone entering or exiting plaintiffs’ building or plaintiffs’ apartment. Officers did not find any sign that any suspect had entered. Officers did not arrest anyone. The terror and stress to this innocent family was all for naught. 

The lawsuit also details the lasting trauma that botched raid has had on the family, especially the innocent little girls in the form of “nightmares, bed-wetting, trouble sleeping, decreased appetite, crying fits and fear and distrust of police.”

Watch the “CBS This Morning” report below. 

Please pray for the Winters family. I hope they get the justice they deserve.