Tory Lanez is being sued by Christopher Harty, who claims Tory and his crew beat the spit out of him inside LIV Nightclub in November 2019.

In documents attained by TMZ, Christopher claims Tory started to verbally antagonize him, which escalated to Tory landing a punch and Tory’s crew jumping him.

Christopher has possession of a 5 second video that shows a brawl, but Tory is not identifiable in the video.

Christopher never says what started the initial verbal altercation, but he claims the attack left him with multiple contusions and bruises to his body, blunt force trauma to his head, neck, chest, and back.

Christopher is suing for unspecified damages.

More than likely Christopher was talking out the side of his neck and said something disrespectful, and Tory Lanez and his crew commenced the mollywhop.

Source: TMZ