Kane Robinson as Sully and Ashley Walters as Dushane in Top Boy Season 3 - Netflix

(This post has been updated with the 2nd official trailer.) Netflix has dropped the trailer for “Top Boy” Season 3 and announced the final season is slated to arrive in September.

The wildly popular series is set in the fictional Summerhouse estate in the London Borough of Hackney and follows two drug dealers Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson) along with others involved with drug dealing and gang violence in London.

Top Boy,” created by Ronan Bennett, is a British TV series that first premiered in 2011.

Despite its critical acclaim, the series was canceled after its second season in 2013. 

Netflix picked up the series in 2019 and Drake hopped on board as an executive producer. 

NBA star LeBron James and his SpringHill Entertainment production company also serve as producers.

After making its Netflix debut, the popularity of “Top Boy” skyrocketed and fans can’t get enough of Dushane and Sully. 

For the OG fans of the show, this is technically Season 5, but for those of you who discovered the show through Netflix – it’s considered Season 3.

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In an interview with British GQ, Ashley Walters and Kane “Kano” Robinson shared their thoughts on the final season saying:

Every story must have an ending and so season three will be our finale. A chance to come full circle and end the journey the right way.

For those that have followed the journey from the start, you will know how much this show means to everyone on our team, and we wholeheartedly know how much it means to you.

These characters have been a part of our lives for over a decade now and without everyone’s support, we couldn’t have come this far.

I expect “Top Boy” Season 3 to find Dushane and Sully at odds again after Sully ruined Dushane’s retirement plans by killing his successor Jamie.

Watch the official trailer below.

When Is ‘Top Boy’ Season 3 Coming Out?

According to Netflix, “Top Boy” Season 3 will premiere on September 7, 2023.

Are you ready to find out how it all ends?

If you haven’t been watching, you still have time to catch up on the show on Netflix!


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