Heiress Harris on 'The Morning Hustle' radio in Atlanta (Instagram)

Heiress Harris recently revealed which one of her siblings is her favorite! 

T.I. and Tiny Harris’ baby girl and VanVan (Savannah McConneaughey) stopped by “The Morning Hustle” to promote their new single, “Be You.” 

While there, Lore’l asked the 8-year-old princess of the Harris household which sibling was her favorite. 

Heiress reluctantly revealed it was her big brother Major Harris.

Heiress said:

Okay…no offense.

But, I think…I think…this is just what I think…okay?

I think…I like Major because first of all…he helped me with my computer.

And then he also helps me get Robux when my mom’s out of town.

Watch the super cute clip below.

Heiress is such a talented and adorable little lady.

Watching her and VanVan on a press run is the cutest thing ever!

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