Tony Rock took to social media and spoke out on Wednesday after receiving a nasty online threat where someone mentioned making his “kids disappear.”

The comedian, actor, and dedicated father has received a lot of criticism for speaking out and expressing his disgust for what happened to his big brother, Chris Rock, at the Oscars.

Surprisingly, many people appeared to have forgotten what brotherly love looks like especially when a sibling has been violated.

But, I digress.

Tony has been accused of clout chasing and using his brother’s name and the Will Smith incident to elevate his career.

In the post on his Instagram page, Tony shared the following image of the threat he received:

In the caption, Tony Rock wrote:

What’s good good people?

This is your reminder that God is very real and unfortunately so is the devil.

My many blessings in life have aggravated this person @king_nik_backup (whom I’ve never met and have no ongoing issues with) to the point that this person felt the need to send this message threatening my child (I don’t have ‘kids’).

Just so we are all clear. This is how it works. I do interviews, THEY ask about the Oscars incident as well as other questions and I answer them honestly.

I don’t request that anyone ask me about my personal life, family life, finances, or grievances (which I have none).

I answer questions that I’m asked. That’s what an interview consists of.

Lastly, 22+ years in the ‘business’. Movies, tv shows, constantly touring, constantly selling out shows, selling tv shows, executive producing shows and helping other comics.

All while trying to be half the Dad that my Dad was. I’m in no ones shadow and I have no competition.

I’m Tony Rock. It’s all love. Even when it’s hate on your side… #RocktheWorldForever

It’s so sad that we live in a world where people are so mean and hateful to the point of mentioning making someone’s children disappear.

I wouldn’t blame Tony if he got the police involved and filed charges against whoever sent this.

Your thoughts?