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Toni Braxton Regrets Not Having More Sex When She Was Younger, Lil Duval Offers Her Some Advice

Toni Braxton regrets not having more sex in her younger years.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the 52-year-old R&B living legend says her religious upbringing subdued her from over-indulging in sex, alcohol, drugs, and partying like a rockstar in her yesteryears.

I regret not having more sex when I was younger.

I should have drank more. I should have partied more. Smoked more, even. I think my religious upbringing stopped me doing a lot of things that I should have done.

It’s not a good look at the age I am now. The way it works is you do that stuff in your 20s and 30s and then in your 40s you’ve earned enough to pay for the therapy.

Lil Duval took to the streets of social media to offer Toni Braxton some advice.

Noooooo you looking at this wrong. You 50 something now so this the best time for u to be a hoe.

Think about it, It’s harder for u to get pregnant and the only disease u gotta worry catching is hepatitis from these old n***az. This is your prime.

Moral of the story, Live your best life suga. just stick with the old n***az tho cuz these young boys gon run thru you and f**k up yo legacy.

Love lil duval @tonibraxton

See the original post below:

Lil Duval - Toni Braxton

Somebody take Lil Duval’s phone!


It’s a blessing Toni Braxton didn’t wear herself out in her younger years.

That fast living can result in you looking like a blunt smoked at both ends.

Just stick with your “face tingler,” girl!

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