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Tom Hanks Checks Overzealous Fans That Bumps Into His Wife

Tom Hanks Checks Overzealous Fans That Bump Into His Wife

Tom Hanks dropped a death stare coupled with an F-bomb to a group of overzealous fans who bumped into his wife.

The legendary actor and his wife Rita Wilson were headed to their car Wednesday night in NYC, with a group of fans behind them seeking selfies and autographs.

As Tom and Rita got closer to their vehicle, one of the fans pushed another who bumped into the back of Tom’s wife, Rita, startling her.

Rita yelled, “STOP IT!”

And Tom went off soon after:

This is my wife. BACK THE F*** OFF!

Knocking over my wife.

The guy that got pushed into Rita meets Tom’s energy as he addresses the fans that pushed him saying, “What are y’all doing? People are crazy, bro. Yeah, they bugging.”

Tom Hanks then gives a death stare to one of the fans before getting in the car with his wife.

Watch the video courtesy of unCrazed below:

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Source: TMZ

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