Tisha Campbell: 'Don't Freak Out, But I Think I Almost Got Snatched Up'

Tisha Campbell believes she almost got snatched up by sex traffickers.

The actress and “Martin” star took to her Instagram account to tell the story.

She captioned the post:

This was a video I sent to my brother right after it happened but I felt it important for ppl to be aware.

I need for EVERYONE to be overly conscious of themselves and their loved ones. As Tonidrivera says it’s SHOPPING SEASON where traffickers try to snatch ppl up!!!

If I wasn’t from Newark boyyyyy… If Tony Rivera hadn’t schooled me and my friends on what to look for, S**T would’ve been real different.

PLUS I don’t sound like I look. Also I am thankful to the production for their concern and their understanding.

What’s crazy is I went back to the front desk, the guy that gave me the taxi number wasn’t there. I asked the woman where he was. She looks at the number and says, “why would he give you this number? This isn’t the normal number.” It was a set up fo real.

See Tisha’s original IG post below:

It definitely sounded like a set up. Thankfully, Tisha Campbell was smart enough to recognize the BS.

ICCers, please keep your third eye open.

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