Tina The Witch Details Her Near-Death Experience From Plastic Surgery

Tina The Witch recently shared her near-death experience with plastic surgery on “The Hollywood Group Chat Podcast” with Meghan James.

Tina The Witch (Tina Marie Ahari) is the daughter of Lala Inuti Ahari, who created “The Conjure” brand, which consists of Spelled Candles and Body Soufflé to stimulate individuals to feel spiritual.

After Meghan revealed that she had liposuction twice, her breasts done, and butt injections, she asked Tina The Witch to explain what happened with her near-death experience with plastic surgery.

Tina responded:

Everybody who has a** shots knows that you have to go in rounds, like you can’t just put a whole bunch of the sh*t in your a**.

And so, I had went like two rounds before, and then the third round that I went is when I had the complications.

And um, basically, everything was fine, you know, I was taking my pictures, like, ‘Look at my a**’… you know, I was happy with it, you know?…

And then next thing I know I got sick. Like, I just was like coughing, and I had congestion in my chest.

I couldn’t breathe for real.

So I was, like, laying in the bed, and I end up telling my mom.

Next thing you know, like, Rico (boyfriend) ends up coming, and the ambulance come… 

That’s the last thing that I remember. 

I was in a coma for two weeks…

So, to sum it up, my situation was more like… I feel like when I was in a coma I was put through trials to fight for my life.

Like, I felt like I had to prove that I wanted to come back.

I do not feel like a white light came and saved me, and it was Jesus Christ.

That did not happen for me. 

It was more so like a test, and I woke up fighting.

I woke up fighting the nurses. Like, after I woke up um… I woke up and I was like, ‘This ain’t no real hospital.’

Like, I was real, like, suspicious, and I was like choking the nurses out.

Like, yeah, they had me sedated!

Tina said peer pressure and bad influences are the reasons she started getting plastic surgery, but she would advise girls today to try to gain weight naturally because it’s always a complication with plastic surgery.

Skinny girls message me now, and, like, so many girls have messaged me, like, asking me… and talking to me about my situation, and I just told them, like, ‘Girl do this do this to gain wait, whatever!’…

Like, don’t do that because… Like, whether it’s now, whether it’s a few days after, whether it’s 10 years from now, it seems to always become a complication because it’s not something that’s supposed to be in your body.

I know a lot of people was like, ‘B***h you almost died, why the f*** did you go and get a BBL?…’

So, I went to got get a BBL because I wanted to get my shots removed.

So, I got my shots removed.

I took apetamin which I won’t even, you know, like, tell people to take it’s just what I did.

I took apetamin, I was eating muffins and sh*t, and bread, like, at midnight.

Drinking protein shakes, and then I gained enough weight for them to replace it, basically.

Watch the clip from the Tina The Witch interview on “The Hollywood Group Chat Podcast” below:

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