Tina Lawson took to the streets of Instagram to pen a love letter to her son-in-law, JAY-Z, who just closed a huge partnership deal with LVMH.

In case you missed it, the Hip Hop mogul sold 50 percent of his high-end Champagne brand, Armand de Brignac, to Moët Hennessy.

People have been celebrating Jiggaman in the streets of social media all day – including his mother-in-law.

Read Mama Tina’s heartfelt letter below:

This is a love letter to my son-in-law Shawn Carter.

The reason why I was led to write this was because recently at the Super Bowl we witnessed the national anthem America the Beautiful and the halftime entertainment all being super talented black people!!! Everyone was psyched about it! Each person that performed Jazmine Sullivan, Her, and the Weekend all slaying their performances and making Black Excellence shine and us all proud.

I could not help but remember when J took on being in charge of the Entertainment at the Super Bowl and saying that things would never change unless we had someone on the inside that could make decisions. Someone at the top. I read all the horrible things people said calling him a sellout and hating on him big time. But he kept it moving because every person who has affected change has been criticized and dogged by their peers. One thing that I’ve noticed about Jay is that he doesn’t let what people say bully him into not doing the things that he knows are right.

But after the Last Super Bowl, I did not read one comment by one person that said that they were pleased that he didn’t listen to the noise and he kept it moving and that he was able to get three talented black people to dominate this years Super Bowl why is that?

It took a lot of guts and a lot of his money blood sweat and tears to start Tidal has the best sound around and is an excellent streaming service. I really try to support every Black business but so many would rather support Apple.

One day I claim that we will stop being crabs in a barrel. We will support each other. There is room for everyone.

But today Jay I salute you and your Latest venture in selling 50% of your Champagne Co to LVM. You are a bad ass brother and I hope that you continue to pave the way for others like you have in the past !! And I have seen such extreme kindness and generosity so many times that people don’t even know anything about!

You are a true man who has admitted publicly when you’ve made mistakes in a very brave and classy way! You have in turn influenced the Culture of Young Black Men. You are a Bad Ass brother. I love you so much!!❤️

See her original post below:

Congrats JAY-Z!

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