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Tim Gannon, the Brooklyn Center police chief who defended Kim Potter, the cop who killed Daunte Wright, abruptly resigned on Tuesday amid protests and chaos in the city.

Gannon was heavily criticized for his failure to stand with Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott, who called for the termination of Kim Potter.

Potter resigned on Tuesday.

Tim Gannon was also blasted for is department’s response to the protests in the wake of the senseless shooting death of Daunte Wright.

The bright side is the trash took itself out.

New acting police chief Tony Gruenig said:

It’s very chaotic right now. I was just informed less than a half hour ago, or an hour ago, about the whole change in status. There’s just a lot of chaos going on right now. We’re just trying to wrap our heads around the situation and try and create some calm.

You know how you get peace and create calm? WITH JUSTICE! 

Mayor Elliott said he was hopeful the change in management at the department would help send a signal.

Source: NY Daily News