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TikToker Makes Dance Videos With Stillborn Baby As ‘Coping Mechanism’

A TikToker is drawing a lot of attention and criticism for the way she is dealing with the loss of her baby girl.

The 21-year-old, who goes by the handle LexxxieB, says she was in labor for 10 hours before delivering her stillborn baby.

After losing her precious baby girl, LexxxieB shared photos of her daughter and continued to make TikTok dance videos while holding the baby.

The caption on the first video with the baby read:

Waiting 8 months just for you to come out with no heart beat ????

She added, “Dark humor at its finest ???? let me cope in peace pls.”

LexxxieB was inundated with so many mean and hateful comments that she eventually turned them off on her page.

In another video, where she danced with her daughter to the viral song, “She Make It Clap,” the mom shared:

I wanted to make so many videos with bbygirl but god had other plans for her ???????? Y’all pls stop dragging me because I choose to still show her off.

As shocking or triggering as it may be to some, LexxxieB’s TikTok videos with her stillborn baby are not a violation of the platform’s Community Standards.

They have, however, labeled some of the videos as “sensitive content.”

You may recall Chrissy Teigen was heavily criticized and accused of clout-chasing (of all things) when she shared personal photos of her grieving process after losing her baby boy, Jack.

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I cannot fathom the immense pain of losing a child. With that, I understand and respect the fact that everyone has their own grieving process – even if I don’t understand it.

Please join us in sending prayers and condolences to this young lady.

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