Ava Louise reports Blac Chyna to FBI

Ava Louise, the TikTok star, who accused Blac Chyna of holding her hostage and attempting to sex traffic her, says she filed a report with the FBI.

About a week ago, Ava conducted a story time on TikTok where she shared how she connected with Chyna (born Angela Renée White) via social media and went to her house at 4 a.m.

Ava said upon arriving, Blac Chyna had her sign a very detailed NDA and then asked if she was transgender and if she had ever worked as an escort.

According to her attorneys, Ava Louise was “being set up for involvement in some type of non-consensual sexual encounter or sex-for-money scheme.” 

They also stated Ava felt “very intimated and scared” and claimed that Chyna “manipulated” her into not leaving her home. 

According to Ava’s story time, she was captive for six hours but she was able to get out of the house when Blac Chyna became “overly intoxicated” from drinking tequila.

Watch a portion of the video below. 

Chyna’s attorney fired off a cease and desist letter to Ava claiming that her allegations are “false, extreme and outrageous.” 

Her legal team also took aim at Ava’s credibility stating that she had a pattern of “menacing and outrageous conduct” that includes lying about hooking up with Kanye West and YouTube beauty guru Jeffree Star

Well, if Ava Louise is lying…she’s standing 10 toes down in her allegations against Blac Chyna and even went as far as reporting what allegedly happened to her to the FBI’s sex trafficking hotline within hours of the incident.

Ava’s attorneys Eric Mintz and Jason S. Ziven sent Chyna a letter that states:

Our client believes that she would have been the victim of a sex crime or been set up to engage in sexual acts for money if she had been unable to get away from the premises.

Ava was so upset and shaken by the events that she contacted the FBI Sex Trafficking Hotline within hours after the incident.

Ava made an official report with the FBI on the following day.

Ava Louise told Page Six, “I hope that that letter clears a few things up. Blac Chyna is under investigation by both the LAPD and FBI for what she did to me.”

Who Is Ava Louise?

Ava Louise is a 24-year-old social media star and influencer (depending on how you define either).

Her first claim to fame was in 2019 when she appeared on the “Dr. Phil Show” in an episode titled, “I’d Rather Die Hot Than Live Ugly.”

Ava discussed her social media addiction and her ambitions of becoming a social media star by any means necessary.

Watch the clip below.

Then, in 2020, during the pandemic, Ava became internet famous after she licked a toilet seat as part of a disgusting viral challenge.


She has claimed to have been romantically involved with everyone from Kanye West to his buddy, Antonio Brown.

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