Tiffany Haddish gave her perspective on the Meghan Markle interview last night after clearly having a few drinks.

The TMZ street team caught up with Tiffany as she was headed to her car with two guys who appeared to be her security guards.

The TMZ guys asked Tiffany if she was excited about competing with Jerry Seinfeld this weekend for a Grammy and if she is going to beat him.

Tiffany replied, “Nah!… My intention is never to beat a white man or a Jewish man… All I can do is be myself.”

The TMZ guys were entertained by her response, and they saw a golden opportunity to extend the bubbly conversation.

They then asked Tiffany what does she make of the Meghan Markle controversy and if she believes what Meghan said about the Royal Family being racist.

Tiffany responded, “I believe anything a black woman says… Except if it’s…

View the video below to hear Tiffany’s full response:

Shout out to the TMZ street team for capturing this very entertaining interchange with Tiffany Haddish.

Source: TMZ