It is week 8 of the NFL football season and tonight at 8:20 PM ET on FOX, the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons do battle. Who you got?

The Falcons are 1-6 and their season highlight-reel plays more like a blooper reel so far.

The Falcons have blown multiple late-game leads in an unbelievable fashion against the Cowboys (Week 2), the Bears (Week 3), and the Lions (Week 7).

In the Cowboys and Bears losses, the Falcons had a 99% probability of winning, and in the Lions loss the Falcons had a 97% probability of winning.

As a Falcons fan I’m used to heartbreak, but the blown late game leads this season have been RIDICULOUS!

One thing that the Falcons did do right is fire the head coach Dan Quinn, the coach who allowed the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history (25pts.).

He should’ve been fired right after the Super Bowl loss.

Quinn was fired after the week 5 loss against the Panthers. The following week with interim head coach Raheem Morris we got our first convincing win against the Minnesota Vikings.

I like our chances tonight against the Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers are a game away from 500 with a 3-4 record. There record would suggest they are a better team than the Falcons.

The Panthers have a new quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater, and he has been playing well. Bridgewater has passed for 1,930 yards with 8 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.

I will never forget Bridgewater’s rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings (2014) when he destroyed the Falcons 41-28.

The Panthers star running back Christian McCaffrey will be out for tonight’s game with the high-ankle sprain injury he’s been nursing since Week 2.

The Panthers have impressive wins against the Chargers, Cardinals, and Falcons so far this year.

Of course, I’m rocking with the Falcons tonight, but I won’t be surprised if they find some way to lose the game.

Watch a preview of both teams below:

Who you got?