Our Throwback Thursday Video spotlight is Shai’s ‘If I Ever Fall In Love’ released in 1993, what memories does this video bring back for you?

Reminisce with us to a better time, watch the video below, and share some memories that come to mind.

I was a senior in high school in 93′ and I remember my senior trip to Disney World, in Orlando, Garfield from Shai was rumored to be in the park that night and all the females were going crazy looking for him.

I don’t believe he was there even though many girls said they saw him.

I also remember three dudes at my high school getting together every morning singing this song before the morning bell rung.

In reflection, they were clout chasing.

I remember debating with my friends about who was the better group Silk or Shai.

I remember the rumors of Garfield dating Coco from SWV.

I’m still not sure if that was true.

What memories does this video/song bring back for you?