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Lonnie Chavis, who stars on the hit NBC series, “This Is Us,” penned a very honest and transparent essay about the racism and discrimination he has received.

The essay appeared in People magazine on Wednesday and it is disheartening to read the experiences Lonnie has had and he’s only 12-years-old.

In one part of the essay, Lonnie Chavis writes:

I was racially profiled at a restaurant in San Diego while visiting one of my young Black costars. Her Black cousins and I were accused by a young white girl working the cash register of trying to steal the few tips in her tip cup. It was a huge ordeal that almost led to police being called on us while we were with our parents — until some wonderful fan who happened to be white told them that I was a professional actor on two television series currently airing and argued that he doubted I would need to steal her few dollars. My mother never played the “he’s an actor” card. She definitely knew and argued that we were being targeted merely because we were a group of young Black children. Can you imagine someone thinking you are a thief just because of the color of your skin? I can.

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