Shanique and Randall - The Ultimatum

Randall from the controversial Netflix series, “The Ultimatum,” wants the world to know Shanique did not have sex with Zay…it only got “handsy.”

The couple recently spoke with “Entertainment Tonight” and Randall said Shanique was forthcoming about what happened between her and Zay the day they were reunited on the show.

Yeah, so like Shanique said we spoke about it the day before we switched over or the day of us switching over to each other again.

And obviously, it was tough to hear. 

Everybody had their own experiences, physical, emotional, mental.

So, at first, me being the jealous person I am I was like, ‘Ah, damn, like, really?’

And then, obviously, we forgave each other and moved past it.

So, seeing it over again it didn’t surprise me as much and that’s why I commend Shanique for just being so upfront and honest about it.

Because…I could have been…that could have been my first time seeing it, that would have been a different conversation.

But, yeah, I wasn’t tripping.

Obviously, it sucked to see it on video, but you know she expressed that they obviously didn’t have sex, it was just more handsy.

If Randall believes Shanique – that’s all that matters.

Watch the ET interview clip below:

The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum” features six different couples on the verge of marriage.

One partner is ready to jump the broom, and the other is dragging their feet.

So, an ultimatum is issued and after eight weeks of doing the show, they must commit to marriage or move on.

The catch is each person will choose a new potential partner from one of the other couples and live together for three weeks.

At the end of the three weeks, the original couples reunite and live together for three weeks before making a final decision about their relationship and ultimately marriage.

Watch the trailer below.


Randall chose Madlyn as his partner for the three-week swap.

Randall Griffin and Madlyn Ballatori on The Ultimatum
Randall Griffin and Madlyn Ballatori (Photo: Jody Domingue/Netflix)

Madlyn made it known to everyone that she was physically and emotionally attracted to Randall, and she pressed him to take their intimacy to the next level.

Randall was more of an “off-camera” kinda guy (no face no case), however, he did engage in some kissing.


Shanique chose Zay as her partner for the three-week swap.

Isaiah "Zay" Wilson and Shanique "Nikki" Brown
Isaiah “Zay” Wilson and Shanique “Nikki” Brown (Courtesy of Netflix)

Things seemingly went well between the two (aside from that one nasty dust up), but Shanique was too preoccupied with what Randall and Madlyn were doing to really give Zay a chance.

When she learned Randall and Madlyn were connecting emotionally and physically, Shanique hopped in her “Mrs. Me Too” bag and suggested she and Zay head home to explore a few thangs.

Only Zay, Shanique, and that white comforter know the real story of what went down in that bed that night.

The Engagement

Ultimately, after reuniting and working through their issues Randall proposed and Shanique said, “Yes.”

Randall Griffin and Shanique "Nikki" Brown (Courtesy of Netflix)
Randall Griffin and Shanique “Nikki” Brown (Courtesy of Netflix)

At the reunion show, the couple revealed they broke up for six months after doing “The Ultimatum.

They are back together now and sadly back at square one – no engagement.

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