Jim Mordecai (Courtesy of Max)

Max has released the official trailer for the four-part documentary series, “The Truth About Jim,” slated to premiere on Thursday, February 15. 

What Is ‘The Truth About Jim’ About?

Amateur investigator Sierra Barter confronts a traumatic past and secrets that have plagued her family for generations.

Sierra, her mother Shannon, and her grandmother Judy bravely pursue the truth about a mystery that could change their lives forever – was Jim Mordecai, their husband, stepfather, and step-grandfather a notorious serial killer?

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Digging Up The Past
Sierra Barter begins investigating her step-grandfather Jim by reaching out to family members, some of whom she had not spoken to in years. By interviewing Jim’s ex-wives, children, and stepchildren, Sierra begins to put together a horrifying image of the man her step-grandfather was and the terror that he inflicted on his own family.

Episode 2: Eight Murdered Girls
Jim Mordecai was a revered teacher to most, but to others, he was a monster. Sierra looks deep within herself and questions if Jim’s crimes may have escalated. A curious family heirloom launches Sierra down a rabbit hole where a series of unsolved murders has her asking if Jim could be the killer.

Episode 3: The Devil and Jim Mordecai
Sierra’s uncle shares a disturbing story further implicating Jim and a private investigator urges Sierra to find evidence. After Sierra searches through family storage, she learns the truth about a night that changed her family forever, and in turn, takes her investigation into a different direction.

Episode 4: Out of the Shadows
With the help of cutting edge technology, Sierra is able to build a DNA profile of Jim. Armed with the evidence she needs, Sierra hands her files over to law enforcement hoping to convince them to investigate and help her family step out from Jim’s shadow.

Premiere Date

Thursday, February 15, 2024, only on Max

Watch The Trailer

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