The season 3 of the CBS sitcom, “The Neighborhood,” will focus on racial unrest and the Black Lives Matter movement, according to an exclusive report from TV Line. 

In the premiere, one of the recurring character becomes the victim of police brutality, which ignites a conversation among members of the Butler family.

Cedric The Entertainer, who is an executive producer and star of “The Neighborhood,” told TV Line:

Like most Black families, when it’s close enough to home, it’s enough to get you nervous. You realize, ‘Oh! I was on that street,’ or ‘I know that guy’s family’ or whatever. It’s enough to make you really identify [with] it.

Showrunner Jim Reynolds added:

We felt that our show is… uniquely positioned to address the Black Lives Matter movement and the call for social justice. Being a show that addresses issues of race, we really have a responsibility to use our platform to say something — both to validate and honor the experiences of some of our audience, while also trying to give insight to and enlighten other parts of our audience.

CBS has yet to announce a return date for the series. But, when they do – I’ll be front and center.

Source: TV Line

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