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Rapper The Game took to his Instagram account and shared a heartfelt message about how proud he is of his baby brother for accomplishing his goals and staying on his grind.

When my lil brother graduated from college, he ain’t have a passport & had never even left California let alone the country…. 8-9 years later & after I’ve taken him around the world 3-4 times he’s now made a business out of photography & his dreams are now his reality.

To some this may look like a young black man on a jet ski at the beach… but to me this looks like my baby brother surpassing every goal he set forth for himself & grinding until he was able to do it for himself…. I’m proud of you baby & I am 100% sure daddy is looking down on you providing peace & light on your journey through the Middle East.

Have fun in Dubai….. I love you more than life brodie & I’d be lying if I didn’t say I almost shed a tear looking at you in your accomplishment. Best friends til they peel me off the earth… Live young king, LIVE.


In an era where the black man is constantly under attack, it’s great to see brothers uplift each other and express their love for one another.

It has often been said that many black men don’t know how to effectively express their emotions, but this is a shining example dispelling that myth.

Shout out to The Game for encouraging and motivating his younger brother, and shout out to his younger brother for staying on his grind, and accomplishing his goals.