The Game took to the streets of social media to share he felt “disrespected” on Father’s Day because of the lack of acknowledgment he received from family and friends.

The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, didn’t receive the fanfare he expected from his loved ones and it only made it worse when he saw other fathers on social media getting love on their special day.

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Game did note his eldest son, Harlem, did purchase him a bottle of cologne – you know – something within his budget.

I thought that was beautiful, I appreciated it, and I love him to death ’cause that’s how I raised him to be humble, to always remember to take care of your people.

But, the cologne wasn’t enough. The Game went on to talk about how people go all out on Mother’s Day, but yesterday he got the deadbeat dad treatment.

It gets a little disrespectful. I’m starting to feel like the deadbeat dads out there.

Them ni**as, they must know something, ’cause they not contributing sh*t and they don’t get noticed and they don’t deserve notice ’cause they not real fathers.

I feel like people don’t really give a f**k about Father’s Day, at least in my life. Other than eating with my son, I don’t have anything to show for Father’s Day. I’m just tired of the disrespect. It don’t even make no sense.

Oh, but The Game wasn’t done…he shared that he is deeply hurt and he’s cutting off folks effective immediately.

To be honest, that sh*t really cut deep in a ni**a soul. It’s like, I know as a father, I know what I put in…Can’t nobody tell me that I’m not the type of father that deserves praise, that deserves notice.

It’s crazy, it’s unacceptable, and I’m really not fu**ing with it.

If you’re in my life and you’ve been close to me and I’ve done what I’ve done for you and I’ve taken care of you and I’ve looked out for you over the years and you know that you didn’t show up for Father’s Day with any type of appreciation…Today is the day I cut you off.

Watch below as Game has a full-blown pity party on Instagram.

While I can totally imagine how hurtful it would be not to be acknowledged by all of your children on Father’s Day…it sounds like Game is most upset about not being able to stunt on social media like many other celebrity dads.