Shanquella Robinson

Unfortunately, the family of Shanquella Robinson is still seeking justice more than four months after her death.

According to the family attorney, Benjamin Crump, Mexico has advised that their investigation is complete, and they have identified an American suspect living their life freely in the United States.

The family has called for a diplomatic intervention, which would result in the State Department taking over the investigation entirely or extraditing the suspect to Mexico.

Approximately four months ago, Shanquella was found unresponsive at a villa in Cabo San Lucas.

The people she was traveling with, initially, told authorities she died of alcohol poisoning, but the autopsy report showed that she died from fatal trauma to her neck and spine.

Mexican authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a suspect that has not been identified stateside.

Reportedly, the suspect was seen and heard in the violent viral video of Shanquella’s attack.

According to Channa Lloyd, an ABC news contributor, and a managing partner with the Cochran Firm:

The U.S. does not typically extradite U.S. citizens.

It is something that they don’t like to do, and, obviously, with diplomatic relations with another country they have to be very careful about how they articulate that and why.

Shanquella’s mother, Sallamondra Robinson, believes that an arrest should have been made a long time ago, and she wants both U.S. and Mexican authorities to remember that this young traveler, hair-stylist, and businesswoman was someone’s daughter.

The FBI is also looking into the case.

The Mexican authorities called Shanquella’s death a femicide, a gender-based killing, and the person they’re looking to question was a friend of the victim, who they say was a direct aggressor.

Watch the “GMA” news report below:

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